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Install an electric shower

Install an electric shower - INSTALL AN ELECTRIC SHOWER The...

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INSTALL AN ELECTRIC SHOWER The plumbing and wiring involved in installing an electric shower requires sound basic skills in both areas of expertise. Ensure that wiring and plumbing are properly installed. It pays to have a professional electrician connect the wiring at the consumer unit. Always turn off the electricity when making connections to the mains. Electric showers are economical to run and provide hot water on demand. Using an electric shower could save you up to a third of the water you would use for a bath and, because a shower heats the water instantaneously, you do not waste energy heating stored water. Electric showers are rated in kilowatts (kW) - the higher the wattage, the better the performance of the shower. An electric shower is relatively easy to install, requiring only a connection to mains electricity and a single cold-water pipe running from the rising main. 2 - Planning the work If you plan to install a show over an existing bath, your primary consideratio where you can tap into the rising main. The most convenient location is often an airing cupboard close to the bathroom. If that is no possible, make the connection in the loft and run the branch pipe through the bathroom ceiling to the shower. er n is t If you are building a new shower cubicle, you will need to consider drainage: The waste pipe must have the correct fall (slope) - this may entail raising the shower tray on a platform. When connecting to a two-pipe waste system, you can run the waste pipe to an exterior hopper head. Alternatively, connect the waste pipe to the soil stack of a one-pipe system.
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Provide access to the trap beneath the shower tray, or it may become difficult to service a blocked waste pipe. 3 - Plumbing Step 1: Start by mounting the shower unit in the required position. Mark the fixing points using the template supplied by the manufacturer or use the backplate if there is no template.
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Install an electric shower - INSTALL AN ELECTRIC SHOWER The...

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