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Bricklayers Tool Kit The bricklayer's tool kit must be used with great care and properly maintained, firstly, because of the safety aspect arid secondly, because the tools can be of great expense. When purchasing tools, consideration must be taken on how often the tools will be used. With every day use, the tools have to be made to be able to withstand the work. Often this is not the case with less expensive tools. Below is a list of the tools, how they should be used and properly maintained: Brick Trowel These came various sizes and shape ranging between ten and fourteen inches. One side of the trowel has a more rounded edge, this being for rough cutting, however, this use is not advised for the beginner. The measurements are the actual blade size, the width of trowel also varies and beginners will find a narrower trowel easier to use. The rounded side on the trowel makes it suitable for both left and right handed operators. When the trowel is not in use for a period of time, clean it off dry and apply a light coat of oil to avoid rusting.
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Bricklayers tool kit - Bricklayers Tool Kit The...

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