Build a brick barbecue - BUILD A BRICK BARBECUE Building a...

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BUILD A BRICK BARBECUE Building a barbecue is a relatively easy project, requiring a minimum amount of skill and DIY knowledge. The main safety factors are the dangers of using sand and cement as this contains lime and can cause burns or irritation to the skin and eyes. It is important that you always wear goggles and gloves when handling cement and when cutting bricks. More of us are swapping our frying pans and ovens for a barbecue. Not only is it the healthy option, but it's also a fun way to cook when the sun is shining. If you want to make the barbecue a more permanent feature in your garden the ideal solution is to build your own. A well- built barbecue will provide you with hundreds of char-grilled meals, with the obvious advantage of not having to worry where to store it every winter. Our guide provides step-by-step instructions for building a basic brick barbecue structure. To ensure that you use your barbecue safely we've also included general safety do's and don'ts, and the seven golden rules for barbecuing. 2 - Building the base Begin by digging a small trench, approximately 12 inches wide by 9 inches deep, make it in the shape that you want your barbecue. Compact the bottom of the trench by stamping it down before filling it in with cement; you will need to use coarse cement, this can be bought ready-mixed so all you have to do is add water. Mix the cement on a board measuring at least 3 feet square. Pour the dry concrete mix in the centre of the board making a hole in the top like a volcano. Pour water from a watering can into the centre of the heap. Using a shovel, scoop dry
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Build a brick barbecue - BUILD A BRICK BARBECUE Building a...

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