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BUILD A SHOWER CUBICLE Building a shower cubicle requires some experience in carpentry and tiling. You also need a degree of expertise in wiring and plumbing in order to install a shower unit. By all means construct the shower cubicle yourself, but it is safer to hire professionals if you are not competent to install electrical wiring and plumbing. A second shower is almost a necessity in a busy household. It is rare to find a home these days that does not boast at least one shower, but if you have a large family or frequently entertain house guests, a second shower will take the pressure off the bathroom. You could build a shower cubicle into the corner of a bedroom, in a downstairs toilet or utility room, or even under the stairs. And if space is limited, there's no need to install a purpose-built cubicle - just screen off the bath and fit a shower unit to the wall above. 2 - Fitting a shower screen The simplest way to screen off a bath shower is to hang a simple waterproof curtain that is long enough to drape inside the bath rim. However, unless you remember t the curtain against the w each time you take a shower, you always seem to end up spraying the bathroom w water. A rigid shower screen overcomes the problem. choose from. Some are designed to shield just the end of the bath where the showe is located (1). Others enclose the entire bath. To provide access, complete screens have hinged or sliding doors (2). Hinged screens take up space when open and need good flexible seals. o tuck all ith There are various screen kits to r o erect a fixed screen, fasten the channel to the wall with t a hinged or sliding screen following the manufacturer's T screws. Apply sealant behind the channel before tightening up the screws, or run a bead of sealant down the joint after fixing. Fit the glazed panel and seal between it and the bath rim. Fi instructions, making sure you correctly install the seals provided with the screen.
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3 - Shower cubicles Shower-cubicle components m come in practically every combination imaginable, fro self-contained cabinets to screen panels for enclosing alcoves, building into or against a flat wall (3). a corner A range of sliding, hinged and o shower cubicle, fitted in a bedroom or some other part of cide on the most convenient position for your shower, te. bi-fold doors are available t fit all the various shaped shower trays on the market (4).
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Build a shower cubicle - BUILD A SHOWER CUBICLE Building a...

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