Colour combinations - Find the right colour combination for...

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Find the right colour combination for you Introduction Ever entered a grey office building on a nice sunny day? And noticed that your mood changed rather dramatically? Not only the fact that you probably enter the building because you have work to do will affect your mood, but also the change in colours around you will have an effect on your state of mind. The blue sky, colourful neon lights or green trees influence you in a different way then the (usually) cream, grey and white surroundings of your work environment. Colours have influenced us all our lives. When babies first open their eyes, they are not yet able to focus. They have to rely on the smell, sound and colour of things around them. They will recognise us by our sound and smell, and we in turn try to entertain them with noisy and very colourful toys. Colour will stimulate them from the beginning. Using colour in the right way is very important in your living environment. Some colours will have a soothing effect, while other colours will stimulate you and make you active. Using the right colour combination therefore can make all the difference. This guide will try and help you in the right direction. It will mainly focus on the use of colour in the kitchen, but you will soon find that the techniques and colour combinations used will be of use in the rest of your home as well! The colour wheel To find the right combination of colours that work for you it is important first to get to know the different colours and their effect on each other. The colour wheel is a great tool to learn about colours and the combinations that work best. Below is an example of a colour wheel: The colour wheel is created by mixing two of the three primary colours (blue-red- yellow) together in different quantities and can be as complex as you want. Here we have decided for a 12-sliced colour wheel. It is not too complicated yet will still give you a good idea of how colours work together.
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Colour combinations - Find the right colour combination for...

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