Deck structural design - Deck Structural Design OVERVIEW...

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D eck Structural Design OVERVIEW Introduction Now that you have the conceptual design for your deck, and you plan on doing this on your own, it is time to develop the structural elements and material specifications. No matter if you complete the project yourself or hire a contractor, this exercise will help you to get an understanding of the details of your deck. These specifications will be a part of the Construction Document you will either take to the building department for a permit, use to get bids on the project or use to build the deck yourself. You might have already begun thinking about the construction details and possibly have a pretty good idea of the components that make up a deck or have some good questions. And, unless you have special conditions, we will answer most of those questions here. Special conditions include steep slopes, unstable soil and specific building codes. If you are unsure where your project fits, check with a contractor or the building department. After you complete this tutorial, you will have a better idea whether to do-it-yourself or hire a contractor. So, grab your sketches and here we go. • Beginner - 3 to 4 hours • Intermediate - 2 to 3 hours • Advanced - 1 to 2 hours Saving money by scrimping on materials or crowding the design tables will come back on you when the deck begins to age. Pay more now to save in the future. If you put this project out to bid, the estimates will be more "apples-for-apples" if the contractors have a detailed plan to bid from. The Construction Document you are creating here will help make this possible. Determine the direction the deck boards will run, this will influence the layout of the joists and girders. Most deck boards run parallel with the long dimension of the deck.
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Deck structural design - Deck Structural Design OVERVIEW...

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