Electrical safety - CHECKLIST overall safety how it works...

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CHECKLIST: overall safety how it works cables fuses ceiling rose Please remember when attempting any electrical installations at home that you are obliged to get the completed job tested by a fully qualified electrician and obtain a minor works certificate. Failure to do this may render your house insurance invalid and you may have difficulty selling your home. Over-all Safety Check all walls for wires and pipes before cutting out for any new cables and boxes. A detector such as the one below can identify cables in the wall. Click on the image to buy. If in any doubt whatever consult a qualified electrician. There is a legal requirement to obtain a completion certificate from a qualified electrician, for any work you do that requires a mains connection. For any work within circuits a minor works certificate should be obtained. Turn off the power and remove the fuse from any circuit you are working on. Make sure no-one can turn the power on by mistake. Use only approved materials. How it works An electrical supply will come to your home your home at a main, sealed fuse called a service head and from there will go to your meter via one large red and one large black wire. The meter measures how much electricity you use. At no time should you touch either the service head or the meter.
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Electrical safety - CHECKLIST overall safety how it works...

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