Fit a bath and wash basin

Fit a bath and wash basin - FIT A BATH AND WASH BASIN A...

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FIT A BATH AND WASH BASIN A good knowledge of plumbing techniques and some understanding of building construction would be an advantage. Be careful not to strain yourself whilst manoeuvring the appliances. Ensure that all metal pipes and fittings are cross- bonded with 6mm squared sheathed earthing wire. Protective goggles, gloves and ear defenders may be needed for some operations. Changing your bath and washbasin gives you the ideal opportunity to re-style your whole bathroom. Plan your new installation thoroughly. If you only have one bathroom in the house, the work must be carried out efficiently to minimise the time that the amenities are unavailable. If you have any concerns, ask professionals to carry out the work. The methods described here refer to the separate removal and installation of each fitting. However, in practice it is more convenient to strip out the room first, then carry out the new installation. 2 - Preparing the room Clear the room of all storage units and fixtures, such as towel rails and blinds. If the bath has a shower screen, remove it. Take up carpeting, but leave sheet vinyl in place until all the fittings have been removed. If you plan to install new lighting or an extractor fan, make the alterations at this stage. The bath and basin are connected to the plumbing by water- supply pipes and wastepipes. These pipes must be disconnected before the fittings can be removed. First shut off the hot and cold supply. If your house has old lead pipes, make the most of this opportunity and ask a plumber to replace them with copper or plastic plumbing. 3 - Removing the old bath Remove the bath panels to reveal the plumbing. Open the taps to drain them, then disconnect the supply pipes. Place a shallow bowl under the bath trap to catch the water, then disconnect the wastepipe.
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Fit a bath and wash basin - FIT A BATH AND WASH BASIN A...

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