Fixing to lathe & plaster

Fixing to lathe & plaster - FIXING TO LATHE &...

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There are many fixings on the market today and yet, as far as we are aware, no fixing is available for a good, solid, reliable fix to lathe and plaster. It’s a popular question on DIYdoctor and our many years of experience have taught us not to take chances with wall plugs, toggles and plasterboard fixings. Please see our project on fixing to plasterboard for more information. A section of a lathed wall with plaster removed. Below is a section of a lathe and plaster wall face on. You can see the pink plaster, which is pushed onto and into the yellow lathes, which in turn are fixed at narrow spacing to the upright timber studs. ( Not to any scale) A section of the wall above where you can see how the plaster is pushed into the lathes.
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(not to any scale) Lathe and plaster was used as a wall finish long before plasterboard and took over from the centuries old Wattle and Daub finish. Wattle was the name for twigs and branches that were interwoven between the upright timber posts that formed the framework of a dwelling. Daub was the name given to the various forms of mud, clay,
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Fixing to lathe & plaster - FIXING TO LATHE &...

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