How to construct a suimple garden pond

How to construct a suimple garden pond - Garden Pond HOW TO...

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Garden Pond HOW TO CONSTRUCT A SIMPLE GARDEN POND Tools Spade or shovel Concrete mixer, or wheel barrow for smaller ponds Garden hose with spray nozzle Bucket and hose water level or carpenters level Materials 500 gauge polythene sheet (enough to line your size pond and extend at least 150mm beyond the perimeter of the pond comfortably). Fine builders mix and cement (a pond of 5 square metres will need .3 cubic metres of builders mix and one and a half 40kg bags of cement). An array of flat stones (enough to go neatly around the edge of the pond). A can of spray paint for marking pond perimeter. Instructions 1 Mark out your desired shape of the pond with a can of spray paint. A Helpful Note from Ted about Extreme Conditions For those of us in the Great White North [Canada], where temperatures vary greatly, the pond - especially if being used for fish and plants should be at a depth of 900mm with a shelf area for some species of plants at approximately 300mm from the top. Although in Canada, this will not stop the pond from becoming a large ice cube, it will prevent broiled fish in the summer from excessive heat. Again, in northern climes, one would have to add wire mesh to keep the pond together. A far better solution would be to use the heavy rubberised liners that are available for fish ponds, eliminating the need for cement. As for the pump - if you are adding one for aeration or a decorative waterfall, that will do the trick. Ted L Stratford, PE AnotherNote:
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In some places, pools deeper than 400mm need to be fenced and need a permit. Check with your local Authority.
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How to construct a suimple garden pond - Garden Pond HOW TO...

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