How to hang wallpaper - How to hang wallpaper Which tools...

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How to hang wallpaper Which tools to use: paste (use the strongest available recommended on the wallpaper) bucket sharp knife (like a trimming knife) pasting brush dry hanging brush seam roller pasting table (they're cheaper than you think!) Planning As wallpaper will look the best when hung according to the layout of your room, it is important to determine where to start wallpapering before anything else. If you're going to wallpaper above the fireplace, you must start here. Find the middle of the fireplace and decide whether you want a piece of wallpaper on each side or whether you want this to be the middle of your first piece. If you don't have a fireplace, or you're not going to wallpaper it, you should start on the wall with the main window, working away from the window on either side. This will ensure the pattern will be the same either side of the window. Although this might cause an overlap in another area of the room, it will look better around the window. It will also prevent joins showing up more than necessary. As both sides of the wallpapering will have to meet somewhere, make sure it's in a less conspicuous corner (for example, the corner behind the door). This will give a much better finish than when you start at one end of the window and wallpaper all the way round. How to get started Draw a plumbline to ensure the wallpaper will hang straight. You can hang a weight from a piece of string to mark the plumbline. Measure the height of the wall, adding about 100mm. This will help you hang the wallpaper, and after hanging, you can trim the excess paper. Cut
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How to hang wallpaper - How to hang wallpaper Which tools...

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