Laminate flooring - Laminate flooring-Lay it yourself! In...

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Laminate flooring-Lay it yourself! In today's trend of homely yet modern design is plenty of space for laminate flooring. The ease of maintenance and hygienic properties of this type of flooring are just two of the reasons that more and more people choose to go 'laminate'. It will be able to give you the feel of a wooden floor, without having to spend bags of money. And nowadays it is so easy to lay it yourself! With the development of the click-and-go laminates, you really don't need to be a professional to be able to lay your own floor. Which saves you a lot of money! In this guide we will give you a few handy pointers to laying your own laminate floor and how to care for it. What is laminate flooring? Laminate is a type of flooring that exists of different layers of material that all have different qualities. From top to bottom, in a typical laminate floor there are: a decorative surface (made of a resin-based melamine that is hard wearing), a wood-based core (which is the main component of a laminate floor), and a backing that is bonded to the underside of the core, which gives it its rigidity. Laminate flooring comes in all sorts of designs, mainly copying wood patterns and is produced in rectangular plank shape. But recently new designs have been put on the market, imitating slate and tiled flooring. Therefore these laminates have a square shape, but will still have the same main features of laminate flooring, namely durability, ease of maintenance and ease of fitting. Which flooring to choose? There are different types of laminate flooring, but both of them work with the tongue-and-groove principle and both of them are 'floating systems', which means that the floor is not attached to the under-floor, but is resting on the under-floor. First of all, there are two methods of putting the floor together: with glue and without glue. Glued flooring is put together by putting a bead of glue between the tongue and the groove. Glueless flooring is a system by which the panels are clicked together and gets more and more popular every day, as it is quicker and cleaner than the glued system. It is also possible to 'unclick' the panels and take them with you when you move. Laminate flooring comes in a lot of different qualities, thickness and water resistancy. Choose the best flooring you can afford and make sure the flooring you choose is appropriate for the room you're going to put it in. For example, you best use waterproof laminate flooring for the bathroom and the kitchen! Have a
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Laminate flooring - Laminate flooring-Lay it yourself! In...

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