Painting a door - Do It Yourself Hardware Do It Yourself To...

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Do It Yourself: Hardware Do It Yourself To print this page, select File then Print from your browser URL:,2037,DIY_13795_2272961,00.html Painting a Door From " Ask DIY " episode ADI-210 -- More Projects » Paint the cross boards on your front door with the grain. Figure A Figure B Q: What's the proper way to paint my front door? A: (Brad Staggs, Ask DIY Home Repair expert): Not a lot of people know how to paint a front door properly. Follow these steps: Materials: Slot screw Sawhorses or sturdy work table Primer Caulk Putty knife 180-grit sandpaper Paint Angled sash paint brush Four-inch foam roller 1. Remove the door before you paint. Use a slot screwdriver to remove the hinge pins ( figure A ) and then remove the other half of the hinge from the door ( figure B ). That way, you won't get paint on the hinges. Remember the front door will be heavy once the hinges are no longer holding it in place, so you might need a friend to help you lift it onto some sawhorses. 2. Take any other hardware off the door, including the door knocker and the peephole, which is usually two snap-together pieces. Also make sure you remove the doorknob ( figure C ) with a screwdriver. Usually, you'll need to take out four screws, two that hold in the
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Painting a door - Do It Yourself Hardware Do It Yourself To...

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