Removing or plastering over artex

Removing or plastering over artex - Removing or plastering...

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Removing or plastering over artex Artex is a water-based covering, usually used to decorate ceilings, and generally brought to a textured finish with the use of a brush or roller. Some older artex may contain asbestos and it is extremely unwise to sand down or scrape without seeking the advice of an asbestos specialist. Contact your local council for help with this. Artex can be “steamed” off using a wallpaper steamer. This is again very messy and also very slow. It cannot be done at speed or with the steam plate left in one area too long…if it is, there is a possibility of damaging the ceiling or wall and the artex just returns to liquid form. This will enable you to soak and strip without damaging either yourself or the surface you are working on. The easiest way to remove artex is with this amazing product. Simply paint over the artex, on a horizontal or vertical surface, and scrape off when softened.
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Artex can also be plastered over. Firstly make absolutely sure that there are no flaking or loose sections of the artex, or indeed ceiling/wall. Then remove all obviously “high spots” of artex, where the stipples hang down. The wall or ceiling can then be painted with a coat of PVA adhesive, which can be bought in gallon containers from the builder’s merchants or larger DIY stores Dilute the PVA at 1 to 1 with water and stir well. Paint this on the ceiling/wall with a large emulsion brush. This can be left to dry, which will only take about an hour.
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Removing or plastering over artex - Removing or plastering...

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