Timber care - How to take care of timber decks, cladding,...

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How to take care of timber decks, cladding, garden sheds, furniture etc – the proper way. Where do I turn for proper advice? There are scores of products on the market for protecting and beautifying timber etc, some good and some not so good. There are equally as many variations in advice offered, some good and unfortunately lots not so good. Every day I come across the after-effects of all such products and bad advice out there in the course of my work as a wood care specialist / troubleshooter. It is remarkable how often I come across people who have been mislead, badly advised, or simply picked up the first tin of something they might have seen on the T V, even if it was totally inappropriate for their particular needs. It is very hard to find dedicated store staff who make an effort to acquire a proper data bank of knowledge in whatever field they are involved in no matter what that is! From curtains, to electronic gadgets, to woodcare protection etc. When you do come across one of those ‘walking treasures’ don’t you just feel so glad you did? Yes, they are out there but we could do with seeing more of them. Anyway, back to timber, taking care of it and keeping it looking at it’s very best for many years. Before one can advise he / she must learn first, both the theory and the practical real- life stuff. During the last ten years or so with IGOE INTERNATIONAL LTD, I’ve invested most of my working time learning from several of the leading wood care experts from Scandinavia, U.S.A, and elsewhere, while dealing hands-on with numerous on-site cock-ups, on all kinds of wooden structures from decks, marinas, yachts, sailing ships, cladding, hardwood garden furniture, fencing, log cabins etc, the results of poor advice and so on and so on. Here are my findings and some practical, sound advice which, hopefully will save you and or, your friends or relatives from one of the aforementioned cock-ups and their associated cost in money terms as well as all the added frustration and stress. My top of the pile of ‘what’s out there’ in woodcare would have to be a bunch of wood care products from the Owatrol stable. Underdogs to some big brand names they may be, but in my opinion, they do the business second to none. A division of The Flood Company, Ohio, U.S.A., one of America’s leading deck / timber-care product manufacturers, Owatrol International covers a complete line of highest quality timber care products. They are not the cheapest mind you, but to my mind they would safely qualify as the best, hard earned money can buy, and given the fact that your beautiful timber doesn’t come cheap, why skimp on a few coppers for the sake of getting that job done right first time? From my travels, I do know, that more and more quality deck installers, both in the
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Timber care - How to take care of timber decks, cladding,...

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