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ECON Questions - The market failure of the medical system...

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The market failure of the medical system is being pushed by all the factors Except? high costs * increase in medical staff demand for more care limited supply How many Americans are covered by a private insurance company? 40 million 20 million * 150 million 100 million Medicare's Plan D covers? Hospitals * New Drug Development Doctors, Nurses, PA's Physical Therapy and outpatient clinics What year was the Medicare Bill passed? 1940 * 1965 1988 2000 What type of price fee setting allows you as a patient to pay a flat fee at the end of every visit regardless of the treatments you receive? Deductible Payment * Copay Premium What is a characteristic of a subprime loan? A) a loan with an interest rate below the prime rate B) a loan with an interest rate higher than the prime rate C) a loan for people without insurance D) a loan from punk rock band answer: B Which one is NOT a solution to the housing slump A) rescue fund B) mortgage moratorium C) increase subprime loans D) decrease the federal interest rate answer: C How many fewer houses were sold in 2006 than 2005 (pick the best answer) A) 2 million B) 4 million C) 50% D) there were actually more answer: A 1. How big was the increase in ethanol production from 2005 to 2006? a. 10% b. 25% c. 40% d. Stayed the same 2. The demand in 2006 was _________ what was actually produced. a. Higher than b. Lower than c. The same as
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d. Close to 3. How much have corn prices increased in the last six months? a. 50% b. 60% c. 70% d. 80% 4. Overall, how drastically have food prices increased? a. 5% b. 10% c. 15% d. 20% 5. What is the most important effect of increased ethanol production? a. Less land for other crops b. Corn-based product prices have increased c. More expensive to feed livestock d. Less corn on the cob to eat Answers: b,a,c,b,c 1. The United States has the greatest trade deficit with? a. Europe b. Russia c. China XX d. Japan 2. The acronym WTO stands for? a. World Treaty Organization b. World Trade Organization XX c. World Tariff Organization d. World Tourism Organization 3. An increase in the US trade deficit is largely due to? a.
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ECON Questions - The market failure of the medical system...

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