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Copyright @ 2009 Ananda Gunawardena Lecture 16 More on Hashing Collision Resolution Introduction In this lesson we will discuss several collision resolution strategies. The key thing in hashing is to find an easy to compute hash function. However, collisions cannot be avoided. Here we discuss three strategies of dealing with collisions, linear probing, quadratic probing and separate chaining. Linear Probing Suppose that a key hashes into a position that is already occupied. The simplest strategy is to look for the next available position to place the item. Suppose we have a set of hash codes consisting of {89, 18, 49, 58, 9} and we need to place them into a table of size 10. The following table demonstrates this process. Table Courtesy of Weiss Data Structures Book The first collision occurs when 49 hashes to the same location with index 9. Since 89 occupies the A[9], we need to place 49 to the next available position. Considering the array as circular, the next available position is 0. That is (9+1) mod 10. So we place 49 in A[0]. Several more collisions occur in this simple example and in each case we keep looking to find the next available location in the array to place the element. Now if we need to find the element, say for example, 49, we first compute the hash code (9), and look in A[9]. Since we do not find it there, we look in A[(9+1) % 10] = A[0], we find it there and we are done. So what if we are looking for 79? First we compute hashcode of
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Copyright @ 2009 Ananda Gunawardena 79 = 9. We probe in A[9], A[(9+1)%10]=A[0], A[(9+2)%10]=A[1], A[(9+3)%10]=A[2], A[(9+4)%10]=A[3] etc. Since A[3] = null, we do know that 79 could not exists in the set. Lazy Deletion
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Lecture%2016%20%20-%20Hashing%20ctd - Lecture 16 More on...

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