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Ananda Gunawardena Lecture 26 Course Review II Perl Programming Basics This is only a partial list of tasks that you should know. Anything else can be found by using the man pages > man perl and use the specific pages to find information. For example, >man perlintro gives you a basic introduction to perl. This documentation is available to you during the test. Declare a variable: $myname = ‘guna’; Print a variable: print $myname; Open a file : open(INFILE, “filename”); Read a file: foreach $line (<INFILE>) { do_something } Chop the newline: chomp($line) Split a String: @array = split(/regex/, $line) Find the Sum: $sum = 0; for ($i=0 ; $i<$size; $i++) { $sum += $i; } Check if the file name is “guna”: if ($file eq ‘guna’) { do_something } Open a dir and read files: opendir(DIR,”.”); foreach $file (readdir(DIR) ){ . . } Make a directory: mkdir $dirname; Remove a directory: rmdir $dirname; Command Line Arguments: $#ARGV – index of last argument, $ARGV[0] – first arg Running a perl script from another: system ‘perl program.pl text.txt’ [1] Suppose you are given a complete Perl program findMaxScore.pl that takes any number of integer arguments and find the max score. Write a Perl program that takes a a grade.txt file, and computes the max score for each of the users. Output the max scores to
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Lecture%2026%20-Course%20Review-2 - Ananda Gunawardena...

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