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Sample Midterm - ASTRONOMY 100 Dr. Nick Warner 5:00 pm,...

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1 ASTRONOMY 100 Dr. Nick Warner MIDTERM 1 ____________ 5:00 pm, February 10 th , 2009 SOLUTIONS AT END Exam Number Time Allowed: 1 hour ________________________ Name (Please Print) 1. This year is the International Year of Astronomy because a) It is the 200 th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin. b) It is the 300 th anniversary of the publication of Newton’s Laws. c) It is the 400 th anniversary of important work by Galileo and Kepler. d) It is the 500 th anniversary of the publication of Copernicus’ book, “De Revolutionibus.” e) It is the 2000 th anniversary of the construction of the Ptolemaic model. 2. The fact that sound waves from two nearly identical sources can produce “beats” is evidence that: a) Sound involves some form of energy transport. b) Sound is carried by particles. c) Sound has a finite propagation speed. d) Sound is carried by waves. e) Physicists have a poor sense of rhythm. 3. It is midnight in Los Angeles and from the glow on the horizon you infer that the Moon is about to rise. What phase will the Moon have? a) Full b) New c) First quarter d) Last Quarter e) It could be in any phase, depending upon the time of the lunar month 4. Your theory of weather predicts rain today. Your friend watches all day but does not see it rain. Which of the following responses violates the scientific method? a) You say your friend didn't watch carefully enough b) You discard your theory as disproved c) You look for a mistake in your theory and fix it d) You make a new and better theory 5. We first established that the Earth is a sphere a) by circumnavigating the Earth. b) through observations of lunar eclipses. c) through observations of solar eclipses. d) by simultaneous measurements of shadows at different locations on Earth. e) by studying motions of stars across the celestial sphere. 6. William of Ockham: a) was a contemporary of Aristotle, and was also the first person (in historical record) to propose the heliocentric model of the solar system b) a mathematician who constructed the first accurate heliocentric model of the solar system c) was a contemporary of Copernicus and was instrumental in the Church’s refutation of the heliocentric model of the solar system d) wrote a letter to Pope Clement IV stressing the need for monks to learn mathematics and urging the Pope to undertake calendar reform e) was an early Franciscan monk who espoused that the principle of simplicity should be applied in scientific enquiry
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2 7. The plane of the orbit of the Earth around the Sun is called the: a) celestial equator b) solstice c) ecliptic d) meridian e) line of nodes 8. Figure 1 shows waves passing through a barrier. The fine lines represent the crests of the waves. What can one do to increase the wave motion detected in regions A and B? a)
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Sample Midterm - ASTRONOMY 100 Dr. Nick Warner 5:00 pm,...

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