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The following Mini-Project assignment begins with the problem statement and is followed by six steps that will guide you through solving the main problem. You must complete all the steps and turn in a formal report with your results. Please organize your report as follows: 1) Somewhere (either on a title page or on the first page of your report), write pertinent information such as your name, the class name, the date, and the title of the problem. 2) Introduction : Restate the problem statement in your own words, and briefly describe the methods that you will use to solve the problem. 3) Body : Clearly divide the body of your report according to the Step numbers (e.g., one paragraph per step, in the order listed). For each step, describe what you are trying to do, explain the method that you used to do it, and give your
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Unformatted text preview: answers/results, including figures where appropriate. Interpret these results in the context of the main problem—that is, explain how each step is contributing to solving the main problem. Please include figures, equations, etc. in the main text, so that the flow of the report is not interrupted, but include all of your source code in an appendix at the end. o F , , o F , E .h E ,h ,h . 4) Conclusion : Summarize your results. (You may want to answer the last two questions from Step 6 in the conclusion, as they are good concluding remarks.) 5) Appendix : MATLAB source code with comments. Deadline: 5pm, Friday, June 05, 2009 Place to hand in your report: Eng IV 66-124, Cubicle 6-17, Bike Xie (Please knock the door if it is closed.)...
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