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Statistics 10 Lab #1 Exploring Categorical Data Winter 2009 1a) Getting Started with Fathom Double click the large gold ball to open the files. Select File and then open Sample Documents folder. Social Science folder and then United States folder. U S Census files. CA_1880_1990.ftm file. Maximize the window by pressing the green button in the upper left. b) Notice the Collection of gold balls. Each ball is a case. Open the Case Table . Each line is one record or case. Which variables or attributes are numerical? Which are categorical? c) Open the Summary Table for Sex . How many people are represented? How many male? How many female? d) Have there been changes over time with respect to gender proportions? We compare gender for the 1880 and 1990 groups by adding the attribute Year to the Summary Table for Sex. Since percents or proportions are easier to compare, open Summary and Add Formula and type columnproportion in the Summary Table . e)
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