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Lab_2W09 - Inspector and then delete and O.K g You may want...

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Statistics 10 Lab #2 Exploring Numerical Data Winter 2009 Part 1 1a) Select File and open Sample Documents folder. Open the Social Science folder and then United States folder. SATGPA.ftm file. b) Open a Case Table. Which attributes are categorical? Which are numerical? c) Open the Graph and plot HSGPA : dot plot, histogram, box plot . You may want to use the Inspector and change the scales to best tell the story. d) Open the Summary Table for HSGPA (high school grade point averages) and add sex as a second attribute. How many students are represented? How many males? How many females? e) Calculate the summary statistics for HSGPA. From Summary select Add Basic Statistics and record the mean and standard deviation. (If your graphs are boxplots, Add Five-number summary.) f) You can remove the stdError and count missing by double click to open the
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Unformatted text preview: Inspector and then delete and O.K. g) You may want to round measures to fewer decimal places. From Summary select Format Numbers and then Fixed Decimals , using 2 significant digits. h) Use the graphs and summary measures to compare high school GPA’s for male and female students. Be sure to include shapes, centers, spreads, and unusual features in your comparison. i) Be sure to paste the appropriate graphs and tables into your Word document, using the Edit option Copy as picture. By the end of the lab on Exploring Numerical Data, we need to know how to open a Collection and select a Summary Table and Graph . We need to be able to drag an attribute onto a Graph and modify or remove Formula to a Summary Table. 2. On Your Own. Repeat the steps c) to i) for FYGPA (four year college Grade point averages)....
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