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1st_Mid_Exam_Ance - deducted Point of emphasis • Sets(2.1...

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Math.61/1 First Midterm Exam. Announcement Date, Time and Place Monday January 26, 1:00 p.m. to 1:50 pm, in the LAKRETZ 110 ( not the usual class room). Exam Rules: Calculators are allowed in the three exams. Students are not allowed to open text books and class notes while in the exam. Students are not allowed to bring 3x5 cards to the exams Coverage: Sections 1.7-8, 2.1-3, 3.1-3, 4.1 of the UCLA edition of the text (though 4.2 is not in the coverage, understanding of the material in 4.2 helps to solve problems coming from the material of Section 4.1). Go over again homework questions and answer keys [ pdf file ] (posted), theorems and examples covered in the class. There is a review lecture on Friday (Jan.23) you cannot miss. 70% of the problems are similar to those in homeworks and examples. Basically computational, but for each computational problem, students are required to explain reasoning behind the computation (otherwise a significant amount of points will be
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Unformatted text preview: deducted). Point of emphasis: • Sets (2.1) • Relations, Equivalence relations (3.1-2) • Counting Principles (4.1) Structure of the exam: • 5 computational questions (17 points each, total 85 points); • True-False style questions (75 points total); • One serious question (requiring reasoning skill; 40 points). Review Session: One class meeting will be reserved for review (The lecture on Friday before the exam). Extra Office Hours: Monday January 26 from 10 am to 11:30 am (just before the exam; the usual office hours in the afternoon of Jan.26 is cancelled. Remarks on grading The full mark is 200 points (20% of the final grade). The scores of two midterm exams (each 200 points), the final exam (500 points) and the sum of your homework scores (about 100 points) being added, the full mark of the final grade is close to 1000....
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