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Class 2 Hypo1 - Class 2 Royal Palm Developments Fortunately...

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Class 2: Royal Palm Developments Fortunately for Frank, he decided that Trump’s price was not high enough or firm enough to go forward on an exclusive basis. To determine whether he could get better terms, Frank told Roger Rival, the owner of Chapter House, that a “major real-estate tycoon” is interested in buying Royal Palm. Roger, who has always admired the clean taps at Royal Palm, realizes that this may be his last opportunity to acquire Royal Palm and decides that he will make an offer. Roger figures that with Chapter House and Royal Palm under the same management, Roger will control both the key bars near campus, save money on management costs (both bars can be run by one person), increase his buying power for bar supplies, and make a fortune. Roger and Frank decide to sign up a confidentiality agreement and start the diligence process. Frank is nervous, however, about his arch rival gaining access to his secrets of the trade
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