Kids and carpets case_2.09 - Kids and Carpets1 You are a...

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Kids and Carpets 1 You are a purchasing manager for a retailer that sells, among many other products, mid- and high-end hand-woven carpets. Your CEO recently came to you and said he was concerned about the use of child labor in the production of carpets in countries like Pakistan, India, and China. He has stated his concerns as moral and economic, and asked you to look into the situation and then give him both a report of the current situation and a recommended action for the company. To this point, you’ve been buying your carpets through intermediary suppliers. Thus, you don’t actually know much about the conditions under which the carpets are actually made in Pakistan, India, and elsewhere. When you ask your suppliers to give you the specific names and information about the actual producers, most of them refuse to do so. You therefore hire an independent expert (someone who has worked in the past for the non-governmental organization Human Rights Watch), and she informs you about half the products you’ve been buying were made with at least some “child labor” (i.e., by children under 15 years old). You investigate child labor more thoroughly, and come to the realization that it is a
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Kids and carpets case_2.09 - Kids and Carpets1 You are a...

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