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Class 6: Royal Palm Developments Trump’s plans for Royal Palm are revealed: Trump wants to build a “virtual casino” on Royal Palm’s land. His plans include a high-end hotel à la Las Vegas, only without the physical gaming activities. Instead, he would offer rows of internet access points that hotel guests could use to access unaffiliated off-shore “legal” gaming sites. The problem Trump is facing, however, is the host of regulatory and zoning requirements, as well as the local native American tribes, standing in his way. If Trump gets his way, the hotel will be worth a fortune to him, and in response to the bidding war that ensued with LBO and Chapter House, he has offered Frank a price that’s well above the competition. Trump’s concept is to meld the old and the new and to market his virtual casino in part to college students eager to earn money for tuition, so the historic site of the Royal Palm sounds ideal to him. Under State liquor licensing laws, the transfer of Royal Palm’s liquor license
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