Solutions_to_HW_3_Problems - relationship between the...

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Homework 3 Solutions, Stat 4315, Fall 2009 Problems: 3.19, 3.20, 3.24, 4.10, 4.21, 4.25 , 5.23, 5.29, 5.30 Problem 3.19 The plot against the fitted values is preferable. If there isn't a relationship between e_i and the fitted values it implies there isn't a relationship between the residuals and the x's. Problem 3.20 Changing X shouldn't change the residual since all we did was change the functional form of the
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Unformatted text preview: relationship between the expected y and the x, but changing Y should (think about a log transformation, for example!). Problem 4.10 Problem 4.21 Yes, no Problem 4.25 Solutions to Homework 3 , Stat 4315, Fall 2009...
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Solutions_to_HW_3_Problems - relationship between the...

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