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ACCT3211 (Winter 2007) Dr. Jan Group Annual Report Assignment Financial Reporting: BS, IS, SCF, and More You must work with a group of 3 or 4. No individual work will be accepted!! Type in your answers and turn in one hardcopy per group. Due: March 19 th , 2006 (Final Exam Day) Our names and NetID’s are: (1) NetID: (2) NetID: (3) NetID: (4) NetID: Signatures (in pen): (To avoid getting an “F”, DO NOT sign if you did not do your share of work.) I. Annual Report Overview [1] Most Annual Reports include the following sections. Please identify their page(s) in the Wal-Mart’s 2006 annual report that you received in class. ( Note that the names of these sections might be slightly different for different companies .) [a] Letter to Shareholders ( beginning with “To our shareholders,… ) is on page(s): Page 12-13 Who wrote and signed this letter and who is this person? Lee Scott, President and Chief Executive Officer [b] Financial Summary ( a summary of financial items over 5 to 20 years ) is on page(s) and what are the years that Wal-Mart provided for this summary in the annual report? Page 18-19, for years 1996 through 2006, 11 years Pages 21 - 29 [d] Financial Statements and the Notes to the Financial Statements are on page(s): Financial Statements are on pages 30-33, and Notes are on pages 34-47 [e] Reports ( two reports) of Independent Auditors are on pages: Page 48 and Page 49 [f] Where ( page number ) can we find Management Report and who signed this report? Management Report is on page 50. It was signed by H. Lee Scott (President and Chief Executive Office), and Thomas M. Schoewe (Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. [g] Other non-financial information is also provided in the annual report. For example, who is the Chairman of the Wal-Mart’s Board of Directors and what is his relationship with the founder of Wal-Mart? S. Robson Walton, he is son of Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart. What is the listing stock symbol for Wal-Mart? 1
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ACCT3211 (Winter 2007) Dr. Jan WMT Wal-Mart’s website that has corporate information, jobs, stock information, and company history is at: [2] Discuss the financial summary with your group members. [a] Out of all the years presented in the financial summary, which year has the most significant percentage change in long-term debt? Does Wal-Mart provide any explanations and what did the management say? Year 2000 has the most significant percentage change in long-term debt. Wal-Mart provide explanations in page 19: The acquisition of the ASDA Group PLC and the Company’s related debt issuance had a significant impact on the fiscal 2000 amounts in this summary. [b] In presenting the financial summary, how are discontinued operations and changes in
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Group_Annual_Report_Final__Mar.12_ - ACCT3211(Winter 2007...

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