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Being raised in Pennsylvania Dutch area, we use phrases and words that just don’t seem to make sense sometimes. For example, I had a great aunt that said things that usually mean the total opposite. Wonderful, actually meant bad, and awful meant good. She would say in a restaurant, “Isn’t this awful.” She would mean that there was too much too eat. This dress is wonderful overly priced, would signify that it was drastically too expensive. We often say we’ve run out of something, there is none left, or it’s all, which would be confusing for a foreigner; indicating that something is empty. This office needs read(red) up.
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Unformatted text preview: This means it is time to clean the office. Work was slow so we just piddled around all day. This means loafed and took it easy, not urinated. Do you mind when we ordered paper last? Mind means to remember or recall. This could be taken offensively as if someone was saying, Do you MIND? If someone is not eating their meal, we often say they are snoopy. Someone not from this area might think they are being called Charley Browns dog. We are really in a stew, points out that a dilemma has occurred. Id sooner not have that means that I dont want it at all instead of sooner denoting quickly....
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