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Burkhart-Week 3-Superstitions

Burkhart-Week 3-Superstitions - Brittany Burkhart 27 June...

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Brittany Burkhart 27 June 2009 For this week's assignment I'd like you to look at the following things: 1. How many fairy tales did you recognize from the movie? (hint: there are quite a few!) I recognized little red riding hood, Hansel and Gretel, Rumpelstiltskin, The Frog Prince, and Rapunzel. The actual stories were a bit twisted but I recognized certain parts to be from these tales here and there. I am sure there were quite a few more, but I have probably never read the others to know what the parts came from. Overall, the movie was a bit confusing. 2. How did this modern-day fairy tale (The Brother's Grimm) compare to the older ones (the original 'Brother's Grimm) that we read? What did the writers of the movie do to 'update' the ideas in a fairy tale and make them more appealing to modern day audience? What 'modern' values and ideas do we see in the movie that we don't see in the old fairy tales? Also- what ideas stayed the same (ie: values, concerns, topics, etc. ..)? In this movie, many parts were made to be funny, such as the one man getting drunk and the way
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