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Brittany BUrkhart Week 1 Access

Brittany BUrkhart Week 1 Access - not Case 2 2 Read the...

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Case One On Page 22 Questions 6 and 8 6. Using My computer or windows explorer, switch to details view and then answer the following questions: a. What is the largest file in the painting class folder? b. How many files (don’t include folders) are in the cases folder? c. How many word-processed documents are in the cases folder and it’s subfolders? d. How many files in the painting class folder are JPEG images? (hint: look in the type column to identify JPEG images) 8. Open the Recycle Bin Folder by double-clicking the recycle bin icon on the desktop Do the Paris and Vegetables files appear in the recycle bin folder? Explain why or why
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Unformatted text preview: not. Case 2 2. Read the topic and click the related topics link at the end of the topic, if necessary, to provide the following information: a. to display the search dialog box, you must click the ____ button, point to ______ from the menu, and finally click ___ from the submenu. b. Do you need to type in the entire filename to find the file? c. Name three file characteristics you can use as search options. 3. Use the index page in windows XP Help and Support to locate topics related to managing files and folders. Write out two procedures for managing files and folders that were not covered in the tutorial....
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