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Burkhart_FMC2 - specialized picture tasks such as printing...

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Brittany Burkhart 14 July 2009 Professor McKernan TEC 125 Case 2 2. a. Start, search, all files and folders b. If you remember all or part of the name you can use the search companion. If you only know part of the name you can use the wildcard characters to locate the files. c. You can use the File name, part of the file name, or when you last changed the file. 3. When you save pictures from your digital camera or scanner to your computer, windows stores them in the My pictures folder by default. This folder contains links to
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Unformatted text preview: specialized picture tasks, such as printing a picture and ordering prints from the internet, that help you manage your photos and image files. To retrieve several items at once from the recycle bin, hold down CTRL and then click each item that you want to retrieve. When you have finished selecting the items that you want to retrieve, on the File menu, slick restore....
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