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All companies evolve through different phases. They develop, grow, and mature. If strategic management is not employed, a business will steadily downslide to oblivion as the novelty wears off. By setting specific objectives and not just general goals, management gives direct actions that are to be done in order for the company to run both efficiently and profitably. A successful business plans for both what it can control and what it cannot. Strategic management prepares some protection for triggers and threats
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Unformatted text preview: that will occur unexpectedly. Upon origination, a business develops a mission statement as to the purpose of the organization and also a vision statement as to what they want to become. Strategic management sets objectives by evaluating the strengths and weaknesses as they appear. To achieve these objectives as the company evolves or declines, drastic steps may need to be taken such as closing certain production plants, downsizing employees, or consolidating with other firms....
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