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Post 1 Week 1 - strategic decisions encompass not only...

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Research has shown that businesses that use strategic management have a better long term success rate than companies who do not. With today’s economy environmental issues, so many new and long standing companies are going out of business. Strategic management is a crucial aid so that a company can withstand the down times. No longer is it possible to continue following the same budget and policies year after year without incorporating the large changing global picture. “If it isn’t broken, then don’t fix it” just won’t cut it any more in the long run. Looking at the total picture,
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Unformatted text preview: strategic decisions encompass not only internal company policies, but also what is happening in the world outside the business. Strategic decisions involve five or more year formulas for predicting how a changing environment will affect the company’s strengths and weaknesses. Managers look at what s happening in the world and what will most likely occur in the future. They implement plans and get both input and feedback from individuals at all levels in the organization and also consult with people outside the company....
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