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Michaela Izzo October 15, 2009 LRC 411 Annotated Bibliography #9 Annotated Bibliography Lipsitz, G. (1995). The possessive investment in Whitemess: Racialized social democracy and the “White” problem in American Studies. American Quarterly, 47(3), 369-387. This article talks about how people came over from Europe and created this fiction of “whiteness”, which has then became imbedded in being American. It talks about the possessive in “whiteness” and how it pervades public policy in the United States past and present. The author states the most damaging long-term effects may well have come from the impact of the racial discrimination codified by the policies of the FHA by channeling loans away from older inner-city neighborhoods toward white home buyers in segregated communities. Later on when more racial minorities moved into cities and increasing amount of European Americans moved out. The construction of many freeways in many different states displaced thousands of residents and divided previously connected freeways, shopping districts, and political precincts. The author talks about how the urban renewal program failed because it providing new housing for the poor but created buffer zones of empty blocks dividing poor neighborhoods from new shopping centers which were designed for rich commuters. I can relate to this article because you can see this in many school districts today how communities are segregated. They are segregated because the FHA made it were more loans were being given to whites so others could not get money to purchase homes and were all stuck together in the same community while the whites all moved into their own communities. We think that we are not segregating schools but we are
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because the kids in the community go to those schools and if the communities are segregated than so are the schools. Lee, E., Menkart,D., & Okazawa-Rey, M. (Eds.). (2008). Beyond heros and holidays: A practical guide to K-12 anti-racist, Multicultural education and staff development (pp 40- 48). Washington, DC: Teaching for Change. In this article the author is talking about a process that she has used with white preservice teachers to help them recognize the limits of what they know about social stratification so that they can begin to reconstruct what they know. It talks about how white try to neutralize it, they try to view racism as individual prejudice and inequality as due mainly to cultural so-called
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annotated bib 9 - Michaela Izzo LRC 411 Annotated...

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