personality second sememster notes

personality second sememster notes - fundamentally flawed...

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Trait approach -based on empirical research mostly correlational in nature can it be used to predict behavior? 2. focuses exclusively on individual differences no zero point , absolute sense of a trait (relative term for the qualities) more less cheerful more less friendly -both a strength and a weakness trait therapists look at how every man is like some other man. kluckon and murray every man in in certain respects like all men, like some men, like no other man trait approach -trait is the building block of personality. YOU ARE YOUR TRAITS, YOU ARE YOUR CHARACTERISTICS the problem of inconsistency people are different across situations the persona situation debate (2 questions) does the personality of an individual transcend the immediate situation and movement and provide a consistent guide to his or her actions or is what a persona does utterly dependent upon the situation he or she is in at the time because our intuitions tell us that people do have consistent personalities the questions leads to a second. Are our ordinary intuitions about people
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Unformatted text preview: fundamentally flawed or basically correct.? Walter mischel : personality and assessment Therefore situations are more important than personality Predictability-Mischel argued that correlations between personality and behavior or between behavior in one situation and behaviour ins another seld exceeds . 30 (later changed it to .40) Many psychologist took this to mea that personality did not exist Personality researcher fight back-Response from mischel 10 limit unfair (biased literature review) grading .40 limit but this is a result of poor research methodology-Research outside of the laboratories Moderator variables Some people may be more consistent than other some behaviors may be more or less consistent Conclusions Enither persoanity nor situational variables have effects on behaviour OR both do Henry murray Press- it’s an environmental situation that either help or stops your from a reaching a group...
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personality second sememster notes - fundamentally flawed...

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