case study 1 - 2 Roberto Goizueto was the CEO at Coca-Cola...

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2- Roberto Goizueto was the CEO at Coca-Cola company for 17 years. At the top position in the company he played the most significant role in its enormous success. Many important changes occurred in Coca-Cola’s environment since Mr. Goizueta became CEO and after his death. First of all, the demand for diet drinks increase and caused therefore the demand of the cola-flavored beverages to decrease. Moreover, Coca-Cola company had to face new competitors, especially, Pepsi. In fact, Pepsi found a colorless cola, Crystal Pepsi, that gave consumers the taste they wanted. Pepsi continued its competitive advantage by developing new marketing campaign and slogan. Finally , another important change that occurred in the Coca- Cola’s external environment , before Mr. Goizueto’s death, is that consumers were drinking more and more new kinds of drinks and as a result, competitors in addition to Pepsi came into the market. For instance, Very Fine and Ocean Spray with new way of packaging their products (single serving cans, bottle and juice box). T he changes continued after the death of Mr Goizueto, which had been remplced by Mr Douglas Ivester. One of Ivester ‘s first challenges was the currency crisis across southeast Asia. This crisis caused a drop in Coca-Cola’s units shipments. In addition, Coke experienced another important problem of its external environment. Indeed, in Europe, Coca-Cola’s drinks caused a contamination
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case study 1 - 2 Roberto Goizueto was the CEO at Coca-Cola...

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