Similarly ultrastrucould be carried out to compare

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Unformatted text preview: of bdelloid rotifers to the anthocephalans. Similarly, ultrastrucould be carried out to compare rotifer s and acanthocephalan cement glands. ular data supporting the sister group tween Bdelloidea and Acanthocephala trong, but it is based on only two genes ies of rotifers, and artifacts due to unects cannot be completely ruled out. of more genes from more rotifer taxa th id p B an co ti st A to sequencing the complete mitochondrial genome of B. w plicatilis (Li and Garey, unpublished) to make it easier in to PCR amplify the mitochondrial genes of other rotith fers. It is important for new molecular analyses to be Figure 3. Molecular phylogeny ,of Bilateriaecial on the 18S rRNA to carried out rigorously with sp based attention paid gene. The treets, own qua lstrate consects, site to MP, avarML n, a alignmen sh une is a rict eff ensus of NJ, site nd iatio h analyses from Garey et al. (1996a). Numbers above and below and mrepresent subspercentage at th000ame stite. replicates ultiple the titutions of 1, e s boots rap each fork th The he branch in Ro M era i b trees, res clearer that support tposition of the tifP and sNJ ecomingpectively. as ra Numbers to the rcal andeach fork arr eCPdence arem the iNJ morphologi ight of mo...
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