Values are shown only when greater than 50 the

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Unformatted text preview: lecula e vi values fro cons dered sh tree. Values are shown only when greater than 50. The Rotitogether. We propose a scheme (Figure 6) that places al fera + Acanthocephala clade, Bdellodea + Acanthocephala clade, andRotifera among the Bilateriall and appears dto be con- id the Acanthocephala clade were a supported by ecay indicesistent with 20. Taxon abbrevmore :recentiamalina, Asa;and s greater than many of the iations Artem s olecular F Tenebrio molitor, cal studies. Ia cthis nica, ogeny, iapulusfera morphologi Tmo; Eurypelm n alifor phyl Eca; Pr Roti sh caudatus, Pca; Limicolaria kambeul, Lka; Acanthopleura japon+Aja;canthocephalaellanicusnsPmer;edisenia ister group to th A Placopecten mag is co , id a E a s foetida, Efo; ica, Gnathostomulida achionus they Bp h hilodina acutiLanice conchilega, Lco; Brbecauseplicatilis,all l;Pave jaws com- P cornis, Pac;of rods misbedded misa Mmocular matrix (Rieger posed Monilifor im moniliforin , cuti ; Neoechinorhynchus an pseudemydis, Nps; Centrorhynchus conspectus, Cco; Lepidoder& Tyler, 1995; Ahlrichs, 1997). Rotifera + Acantho5: Filiform sperm without accessory centriole (Ahlrichs, 1995). 6. Biciliary terminal cell in the protonephridia (Ax, 1996). 7: Jaws composed of rods imbedded in a cuticular matrix (Ahlrichs, 1997). 8: Internal layer in the syncytial epidermis (Storch & Welsch, 1969)....
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