iat333-final - 1. Introduction - Participatory approaches...

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1. Introduction - Participatory approaches are widely used to encourage the involvement of those directly affected. Learning through drawing, role-plays and small group work allows people to become actively involved in the process, without worrying about their official status or their ability to communicate formally. - This document aims at cooperating with Steve Nash Sports Centre (SNSC) in finding if there is a more extensive interactive system that could be offered at club locations where it would be possible to sync up and complement the use of a Wii Fit system at a member s home. 2. Understanding - Student is a huge group that has high potential of profitability in fitness area. Why? Because most of them have the desire to go to the gym, but always fail to do so due to lack of consistency. There are too many elements around that keep people unable or incapable to go to the gym. Voluntary As a student, we probably don’t have as much time as we thought. (especially when you take Russel’s class) We also need to hang out with dear friends during our free time. (Drink some beer; go to some parties, etc.) Involuntary Weather is one main reason as well. Who wants to go out when it rains heavily or snows violently? Gas price, global warming, air pollution, etc. - Therefore, we are going to introduce a new way of working out, the future of fitness center: “WiiNa”! - This device connected to the terminal of SNSC is capable of setting up an interactive workout tutorial where you don’t have to leave your house at all. WiiNa not only provides handy tips from experts in SNSC but also monitor and manage your pulse, heartbeat, weight, BMI, etc. Advantages no expensive and bulky equipment needed one finger away from your private gym and personal trainer help people to build self-confidence less intimidating real-time data 3. Facilitating workshop i. Participate Game-like exercise (younger demographic) Visual tools (paper prototype) ii. Requirement Knowledge Basic understanding about subject matter of the workshop (possibility of injury, proper rest, etc.) About the device/ technology
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iat333-final - 1. Introduction - Participatory approaches...

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