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outline - sure and prototype development(not sure what I...

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Goal: “Specifically, you are going to design and develop a “ PD workshop (participatory design workshop) for a specific client. This workshop will provide the framework for the client to explore and test out screen-based, interactive product-based, and/or services-based aspects of a popular interactive technology. This interactive technology will serve as a prototype for a future design offered to the client’s customers as a way to differentiate its product from competitors while further establishing its brand reputation as being “ahead-of-the-curve”. The client for whom you are proposing the PD workshop is the Steve Nash Sports Club . The interactive technology that is the basis for your workshop’s prototype is the Wii Fit video game Stuff to bring tomorrow: ***main things are highlighted in red - Poster (printed and digital) to “explain what are we going to do for the workshop”(from my understanding, but I am not 100%
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Unformatted text preview: sure) and prototype development(not sure what). I think the poster is a way of communicating this assignment in general. http://www.infodesign.com.au/usabilityresources/participatory design Why: the purpose/ reason of this workshop Who (provisional persona): the participants -> how many of them, who’re them, why them, why should they attend How: how to prepare this workshop and what is needed Agenda (following is a sample) Introduction Usability presentation Objectives and expectations Identify issue Design goals Scenarios Paper prototypes Further development Documentation-Prepare a script for the workshop and include: Activities Instructions objectives-Workshop info 1.5-2 hours long 4-6 participants Focus on the combination of wii and wii fit games...
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