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Chapter 06 - Accounting for General Long-term Liabilities and Debt Service 6-1 CHAPTER 6: ACCOUNTING FOR GENERAL LONG-TERM LIABILITIES AND DEBT SERVICE OUTLINE Number Topic Type/Task Status (re: 14/e) Questions: 6-1 Defining general long-term liabilities; financial reporting Define and explain Same 6-2 Disclosures about long-term liabilities Explain Same 6-3 General obligation bonds Explain New 6-4 G.O. bonds and enterprise funds Explain Same 6-5 Debt limit and debt margin Calculate New 6-6 Overlapping debt Explain New 6-7 Number of debt service funds Explain Same 6-8 Distinguish serial bond characteristics from term bond characteristics; debt service fund accounting differences for the two types Explain Same 6-9 Reporting investments Describe New 6-10 Advance refunding of bonds Explain New Cases: 6-1 Policy Issues: Who should pay for neighborhood improvements? Analyze and write Same 6-2 Financial statement impact of incurring general long-term debt on behalf of other governments Analyze and write Same 6-3 The case of the vanishing debt Analyze and write Same 6-4 Analysis of general obligation debt burden Calculate and assess Revised Exercises/Problems: 6-1 Examine the CAFR Examine Same 6-2 Various Multiple Choice 6-2 revised 6-3 Long-term liability transactions Journal Entries 6-3 revised 6-4 Budgetary transactions Journal Entries New 6-5 Direct and overlapping debt Financial Schedule 6-4 6-6 Trial balance Analysis and Financial Statements New 6-7 Capital leases Journal Entries and FS 6-6 6-8 Serial bond debt service fund transactions and statements JEs and FS New 6-9 Term bond debt service fund transactions JEs 6-10 revised 6-10 Comprehensive capital assets/serial bond problem JEs 6-9
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