Comp Lit 03.31.09 - -Some common feet-*Dactyl: - u...

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EPIC LYRIC TRAGEDY Poetic Genres - what is poetry? - english poetry based on accented syllables - french poetry based on meter - Greek poetry based on short & long vowels - basic opposition between poetry & prose - prose: form not extremely important - open and closed syllables - open: followed by a single consonant or no consonant at all - closed syllable is followed by more than one consonant - long and short vowels - short, long, diphthong TAKE FROM PPT - in poetry a long vowel or diphthong at the end of a word may be shortened if the following word starts w/ a vowel (epic corruption) - long and short syllables - a syllable is short if it is open and includes a short vowel - a syllable is long if it - includes a long vowel or a diphthong - is a closed syllable - long is equivalent of 2 shorts (time) - Iliad 1.1 - Menin aeide thea Peleiadeo Achileos - Of the wrath sing, goddess - the wrath of Peleus’ son Achilles - 1st word means “wrath” - 1st words of epic poetry - [Men](in) (a)[ei](de) (the)[a] [Pe][lei](ad)(e)[o] (Ach)(i)[le](os)
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Unformatted text preview: -Some common feet-*Dactyl: - u u-*Spondee: - --Anapest: u u --Iamb: x - u --Trochee: - u - x-- = long-u = short-x = either-Dactylic Hexameter-- uu - uu -uu - uu - uu x-- - - - --Line caesuras:-when a foot ends w/in a word-masculine caesura after first long of third foot-feminine caesura after first short of third foot-fourth foot caesura after first long of fourth foot-symbol: | -diaereses-when the end of a foot coincides with the end of a word-usually after 1st foot-sometimes before fifth foot (bucolic diaeresis)-Atreides te anax andron kai dios Achilleus-symbol: | |-poetry as rhythm, songs-poetry experience in groups, a social practice-orality rather than writing-oral composition-annual festivals (civic & religious)-Homeric Hymn to Apollo-aristocratic feasts-theaters: Athenian theater in honor of Dionysos-Pronomos Vase (c 400 BCE) shows a cast of a Satyr play-...
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Comp Lit 03.31.09 - -Some common feet-*Dactyl: - u...

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