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Comparative Literature 04/28/09 1. Iambi a. Performed at public festivals and symposiums i. Iambic--related to figure Iambe who is part of cycle of Demeter (old woman who made fun of Demeter when mourning her daughter) ii. Iambe connected with women and fertility- -suggestion for Iambi (performed for fertility rituals) b. Names: Archilochus, HIpponax (major names to remember) 2. Elegy a. Elegiac couplets--sequence of hexameter and pentameter b. - uu - uu - uu - uu - uu -x c. Probably sung with the Aulos ( a sort of flute) d. Doesn’t have have associations of mourning or death that it has in English poetry--subject matters are rather broad in Greek compared to English e. Performance i. At symposia--especially Elegiac poetry that gives short pieces of advice (i.e. p. 28--GLP; emphasizes in the moment, compares youth and old age) ii. Festivals or on military campaigns (such as in Tyrtaeus) 3. Melic a. Melos--limb; song b. Composed in lyric meters (complex, many) and usually elevated language in lyric c. Divided i. Monody--solo singer ii. Choral--sung and danced by chorus (such as Alcman) iii. Boundary between solo and choral is being increasingly blurred in light of current research d. Usually sung with accompaniment of lyre e. Associated with Alcman, Sappho (rare instance of female poet), and Pindar 4. Transmission of poetry (an aside) a. Often the poems are fragmented because that is all that survived b. Only pieces that have been transmitted more completely is a collection of Pindar’s victory odes and elegiac verses transmitted under Theognis. c.
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Comp Lit 04.28.09 - Comparative Literature 04/28/09 1....

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