Comp Lit 05.05.09 - Comparative Literature 05/05/09 Ibycus,...

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Comparative Literature 05/05/09 Ibycus, Anachreon, and Sappho 1. Quiz 2 a. Focus on the past unit b. Format i. Passages for close readings ii. Questions about the context of performance iii. A mini essay--will be asked a broad question so that you can focus on something you know. BUT you will need to narrow it down. Choosing what is most relevant. c. Bring in text--so that you can quote from poems. Be careful; must be able to navigate quickly. 2. Intro a. So far have been looking at communal poetry. i. Most likely performed in the context of symposium b. Next, odes that celebrate athletes that won at Pan-Hellenic games. c. Today, poems that are organized thematically: love, desire, eros. d. Context: comparing male symposium to the poetry of Sappho (who’s context is not well known, but to what extent is the voice of Sappho compare to that of male poets) 3. Male Erotic Poetry a. Performed in symposiatic context i. Younger and older males bonding b. Ibycus i. 6 th c. poet born in city of Regan? ii. Traveled a lot 1. Samos--Agaean Sea possibly during the reign of the tyrant Polycrates 2. Idea that poetry of Ibycus has to do with its performance in symposia where Polycrates was. iii. Believed to have composed both heroic extended narratives (not survived) and “praised” homoerotic poetry in choral dialect (what we have)-- Melic poetry with complex metrical patterns . iv. Ibycus 282 (Page 96-97) 1. How is the poem organized? a. Spends most of the poem explaining what it is not about. b. Recusatio--justifying what you are writing about (recall Ovid talking about why he is writing love poetry and not epic). c. He is going to write about the beautiful ones in Troy. d.
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Comp Lit 05.05.09 - Comparative Literature 05/05/09 Ibycus,...

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