Comp Lit 05.12.09 - Comparative Literature The Agamemnon 1...

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Comparative Literature 05/12/09 The Agamemnon 1. Tragedy--What we will be discussing in this unit: a. Relation between Athenian drama and community for which it was performed (5 th century polis, Athens) b. How drama connected to polis as political, ritual community. c. How does drama relate to ideology of polis--supporting or questioning? d. Chorus often made of marginal voices (people who would not be citizens in Athens, women, captive slaves, and old men) 2. Tragedy as a spectacle a. Genre of drama started and localized in Athens (starts in 6 th century BCE??) i. Evidence that performed in suburbs of Athens b. Setting i. Part of Great Dionysia--festival for Dionysus in spring ii. Performances were part of a competition among three play writes. 1. Each playwright would come up with three tragedies and a satyr play (a lighter drama, satire--only one has preserved) 2. Each given one day to perform--total of three days where winner selected on the last day. iii. Athens intramuros iv. 6 th century --agora 1. (the marketplace)--consistent with political dimension of tragedy. 2. Early setting v. 5 th century--Theater of Dionysus 1. Early 5 th century--performances moved to area adjacent to precinct for Dionysus. 2. Natural watching place in that there was slope; also less busy than agora 3. 14,000 spectators 4. This area was constantly built and rebuilt to accommodate changing form of drama 5. 1 st c--changed to accommodate Roman theater--water spectacles and games with animals 6. Stone seats, raised stage, later 7. Orchestra --part of stage where chorus would have performed and was probably more rectangular (or irregular shape) than semi-circle. 8.
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Comp Lit 05.12.09 - Comparative Literature The Agamemnon 1...

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