Comp Lit 05.07.09 - Comparative Literature 05/07/09 1. Odes...

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Comparative Literature 05/07/09 Praising Athletes 1. Odes to Praise Victors a. All victors originate from the Island of Aegina . i. Allows us to work with smaller corpus of mythical material ii. Difficulty: understanding mythical references. b. Two of the victors are brothers (belong to the same family) c. Pindar’s poetry part of Aristocratic upbringing d. 2. Overview of Games a. Poems written on commission to celebrate victors at games i. Usually when victor comes back to hometown, ode is performed ii. Either performed at site of the games or at the victor’s home iii. Melic choral poetry--chorus would be people, friends from hometown. iv. Usually compete naked, anointed with olive oil. b. Competitive spirit i. i.e. funeral games of Patrokles ii. often a grave and local hero connected with the four main centuries where the games were performed. c. 4 Main Panhellenic Games i. Olympian games 776 1. The major of the four 2. Took place every 4 years until abolished in 393 CE 3. So major that in Athens, the happening of the games was used to number years a. i.e. this is the 68 th year after the founding of the games. 4. Took place in late summer, Zeus being the presiding god (huge temple of Zeus) 5. Herakles was the mythical founder at Olympia, but also a local hero associated with the games, Pelos . 6. Picture; Zanes : Statues dedicated to Zeus based on people who had cheated (clear message to athletes that shame is brought on cheaters) ii. Pythian games 582 1. At Delphi 2. Laurel leaves 3. Took place every 4 years, alternating at two year interval with Olympian games. 4. Neoptolemos , son of Achilles said to be buried in Sanctuary. iii. Isthmian games 582 1. Near Corinth 2. Games held every other year in honor of Poseidon. 3.
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Comp Lit 05.07.09 - Comparative Literature 05/07/09 1. Odes...

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