English 213 2.09.09

English 213 2.09.09 - Intro to Fiction 02.09.09 1. Basic...

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Unformatted text preview: Intro to Fiction 02.09.09 1. Basic Structure of Frankenstein a. Two impulses or movements i. Deferring or delaying (dilation/expansion) ii. Leap to sudden insights or conclusions (sudden illumination) b. Interlocking system. c. Shelley thinks interlocking system reflects temperamental cycle of male ego. d. Cannot separate the two stretching things out and punctuating. 2. Dracula: single ambivalent figure: a. Every expanding circle i. Impulse to expand, to spread out, reproduce b. Whirlpool i. To condense things, to draw things in, centripetal? 3. To what extent are the two figures actual aspects of the plot? a. Expansion i. Principle of dilatiop. 84 ever-widening circle of demons ii. In Frankenstein, writing is a deferred or delayed form of sending information. iii. Tristrom Shandy 1. Takes father more than a week than the first week. The writing of the tristapedia 2. Writing actually takes longer than the living. iv. Letter writing/narrative 1. P. 73 Harker thinks there is some relationship between writing and death. a. Death is what lies at the end of writing. b. Recall tale of 1000 nights (woman must tell stories to Prince in order not to be killed). c. Deferral in this model is OMINOUS or POSTIVE. d. Either inherently pleasurable or attempt to stave off death. v. Diaries 1. P. 68 Writing as an anecdote. Writing as a form of solace. a. The more fully and accurately you record your experience, the more control you feel you have over it....
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English 213 2.09.09 - Intro to Fiction 02.09.09 1. Basic...

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