English 213 1.07.09

English 213 1.07.09 - I ntro to Fiction 01.07.09 1. Recall:...

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Intro to Fiction 01.07.09 1. Recall: a. Themes: i. Searching for one thing and finding another. b. Form vs. content i. Content: includes characters, events, the moral or message. Everything we think of as being implicitly in the material of the story, regardless of who tells the story. ii. Form: the way the story is told. Whose perspective it’s told from. The structure, the language. The telling of the story as opposed to the story itself. c. Histoire vs. recit i. Histoire: the events in the order that they actual took place in the world referred to in the narrative. 1. Technically very open-ended. It is hard to say where the drama actually begins. ii. Recit: the order in which the events are actually narrated. 1. Begins on page 1. 2. Can be multiple recits for one histoire, because there may be different versions of a story, multiple perspectives. d. Synchronic vs. diachronic i. Diachronic: dimension that takes place in time. Temporal or causal sequence. 1. Affected by its place in the sequence. ii. Synchronic: relationships of simultaneity. Symbols or metaphors because their meaning doesn’t depend so much on sequence. I.e. Darth Vader’s black mask does not change meaning throughout the story. 1.
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English 213 1.07.09 - I ntro to Fiction 01.07.09 1. Recall:...

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