English 213 1.28.09

English 213 1.28.09 - I ntro to Fiction 01.18.09 1. Recall...

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Intro to Fiction 01.18.09 1. Recall different type of Detective conventions a. Following chain of details versus making an intuitive leap. b. Intuitive leap: sudden revelation that isn’t about connecting a set of related details. It’s usually a single revelation. 2. Two fundamental rhythms of detective fiction i. Pursue chains of clues ii. Making intuitive leaps b. Connected to how we use language. 3. Aphasia : a. linguistic disorder. Ability to reach for right word when you want to speak is somehow impaired. You replace it with another word. i. Research relation between language and thought ii. Discover: two types. Correspond to two different operations. 1. Combination 2. Selection iii. As you’re speaking or writing, at each moment you have to decide which word to use and it must fit with the flow of the sentence. But you also have to choose the word that has a particular meaning (based on idea you have in mind, etc.) iv. Everyone moment you are speaking is constrained by certain things . Sequence and word that fits the meaning you have in mind: 1. Contiguity: Words related to one another. Relationship based on the words right next to it. 2.
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English 213 1.28.09 - I ntro to Fiction 01.18.09 1. Recall...

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